Questions and answers about theradio:

Why in 2020, and after almost 8 years, theradio’s music broadcast has changed?
After Radionomy’s termination – the company which used to cover on behalf of us the artists’ rights – we cannot broadcast the music we used to broadcast if there won’t be a way to cover the excessive expenses which it demands. Until the solution is found we will broadcast music that we are able to broadcast legally.
Is the music legal to broadcast from theradio?
The music we are currently broadcasting is licensed under the Creative Commons or licensed directly to us by the musicians/creators/producers, so the broadcasting is legal.
I am a musician/creator/producer, can I send you my music for broadcast?
Of course! Since it is the style of music we usually broadcast, we are happy to broadcast your own creation as well.
I am a musician/creator/producer and you broadcast my music without my permission...
We make every effort and control to prevent this from happening … If we broadcast your music without your permission … let us know and we will take care of it.